All we can say is WOW!!

Our team had a blast this past weekend meeting everyone and sharing our passion with you!  I can not be more humbled and proud to have such amazing friends who are truly part of my family!  We served up some killer dishes all day long.  To all the people that voted for us in peoples choice "THANK YOU"!! We are more than ecstatic to have placed 2nd out of 200+ teams of some amazing cooks!   


This would not have been possible with out our amazing Sponsors!  They are all Top notch and the Top in their Industry!  You know we all believe in them and stand behind all of them.  Please check them out.  Give me a shout if you have any questions about any of the products we used or if you need any help with any of them.  



I couldn't ask for a dish to turn out any better than this combination.  Pimento Cheese and Grits are as southern as it gets.  Combine them together and it is almost heaven on a spoon.  Then we didn't stop there. We topped that with a little nugget of Brisket Goodness.  We slow smoked out Award winning brisket for 9 hours, cubed it and braised it in Reformation Brewery Cadence for 2 hours.  Unbelievable!!!



1 lb of grated sharp cheddar 

1 cup of mayo 

1/2 teaspoon of Lane's One Legged Chicken

1/2 teaspoon of Lane's SPF 53

10 oz. of fire roasted peppers diced 

1 Jalapeno Seeded and Diced 

Combine all ingredients and mix well.  Place in refrigerator


1 and 1/2 cup milk

1 and 1/2 cup water

1 stick of unsalted butter

1 cup uncooked quick grits (or an grits you like. I really like Red Mule Grits)

Salt to taste

In a sauce pan over medium high heat.  Add the Milk, water and Butter and bring to a boil.  You will need to constantly stir this as the milk will burn and boil over.  Once it is boiling whisk in the grits and add a liberal amount of salt (if you think you added enough add a little more).  Turn heat down to low and cover.  Stir occasionally until the grits are firmed up to the creaminess you desire.  Place a cup of the Pimento cheese into the grits and mix well.  PLace the grits in a cast iron pan.  

Set the egg up for indirect cooking at 250 degrees with peach wood chunks.  I usually smoke these for 15 to 20 minutes till they turn golden brown on top.  


1 whole Packer Brisket withthe fat cap trimmed to about 1/8 in. 

Lane's Brisket Rub

Set your egg up for indirect at 275 with as water pan on top of the Conveggtor.  Place the Trimmed and Seasoned Brisket on fat side up.  Cook the brisket till it reaches an internal of 195 . Pull off the egg, wrap in foil and let rest for at least an hour.  I like to cool mine completely before cubing and braising .  

Cube Brisket into 1 in. cubes. and place in a pan.  Pour 2 cans of Reformation Brewery Cadence over the top and add a sick of butter.  Place back on the egg indirect at 300 degrees uncovered for t 2 hours till the brisket breaks downs and the braising liquid has reduced and thickened.  

Plaits  on the plate and top with a hefty amount of Brisket. I like to garnish with maybe a little pickled red onion or just simple scallions.  



Who doesn't love Pulled Pork...Mac n Cheese...bacon... and egg rolls?  When you combine them all inot one bite... Magic Happens!!!

1 LB f Pulled Pork 

1 LB of your favorite Mac n Cheese 

10 slices of Bacon Fried crispy and crumbled 

1 package of Egg roll Wrappers

cup of water for sealing edges

1 gallon of Frying oil (I prefer peanut oil) 

Set you egg up for  direct cooking using a spider and Wok (or a dutch oven works well).  You are looking fr 350 degrees oil temp.  

Combine the pulled pork, mac n cheese and bacon in a bowl and mix well.  

Place egg roll wrapped on a clean. surface.  Spoon the mixture into the center of eh wrapper. Brush the edges with water and roll the egg roll up.  

Place the egg roll into the hot oil.  Fry for 5 -10 minutes until golden brown.  Let cool and bit before devouring. 

We drizzled ours with Capital City Mambo Sauce!  It was an unbelievable combination. 


Ridiculously insane combination.. enough said..

1 Lb of Outside Skirt Steak seasoned up With Lane's Brisket rub

1 onion diced

1 bell pepper diced

4 cups of cooked rice

1 cup of beef broth

1 cup of cheese whiz

2 table spoons of olive oil

We used our Little Griddles for this.  Set up the egg for direct at 40 -500 degrees.  First we seared off the skirt steak and sliced.  Placed the peppers and onion in with a little olive oil to sauteed till softened.  Add the rice and steak tot he peppers and onions on the griddle.  Pour on the beef broth.  Cook for 10-15 minutes continually stirring.  Add in the cheeese whiz at the end for the last 5 minutes or so.  Let cool for a few minutes.



Again.  We want to thank our Sponsors and all of you guys that stopped by our Tent!  We are truly blessed to have such an amazing team of people and their families. They are all part of my Family now! 

Love you all!!

God Bless

Kevin and Maggie